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Hi All,I am FerjadYousaf.I have dedicated this site to my friends and family...It has always been my dream from a long time to create my own home page which can be viewed world wide and anyone who wants to know about me in detail can get all information about me from this homepage.. when ever he/she wants to..When I started making it some of my friends said that it is imposible.... you can not make ur own home page and they started laughing at me .... I also thought that may be they are right,may be I will not be able to make it as I hadnt worked before on HTML,DHTML,Java,Frontpage and and any other web page editor....but I didnt lose my heart and kept working on it. and now as i had made my home page all my friends have kept their mouth shut and they are saying it cannt,be I hope you will also like my efforts that I did to make this site......if u like that please mail me (My E-mail addresses are given in my profile) and if u think there is anything missing or you have any suggetions to improve this site you can freely mail me........if you want to Know any type of information just mail me at any of my addresses given in my Profile....you can get any kind of information here like chatting, information,arts, newspapers, showbiz, sports,automobiles,history,eletronic cards, colleges and universities, and crafts,music,programing etc...... I will try my best to provide you people with each and every thing and upgarade it as often as possible....Hey dont forget to tell me abt my picture N plz truly tell me that u like it or not.....BYE TakeCare N Cheerz UP

My Introduction

  • Name :
  • FerjadYousaf.

  • Date Of Birth :

    9th January 1983.

  • Place of Birth :
  • Okara /Punjab /Pakistan

  • Nationality :

    Pakistani Citizen.

  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Capricorn.

  • Eye Colour :

    Dark Brown

  • Religon :

    ISLAM / Muslim (SUNI)

  • Cast :


  • My Personality :

    I am very free person I cant keep my self reserved with anyone wheather I know him/her or not or u can say that I am vey jolly person...

  • Marital Status :

    Single/Looking for....

  • Height :

    5feet,10 inches.

  • Language Spoken :

    1..English (Speak,Read and write)
    2..Urdu (Speak,Read and write)
    3..Punjabi (Speak,Read and write)
    4..Arabic (Read and write)

  • Currently Living At :

    Defence Society Lahore Cant Pakistan.

  • Blood Group :


  • What Makes me Happy :

    When ever I help someone it makes me really happy or whenever I see a couple on date..Hehehe

  • Dream Girl :

    Never dreamed about girl thats why I dont have a Girlfriend......

  • My Best Friends :

    Farah(Khi),Najia n Rabia(Khi)

  • My Weakness :

    Everything i love 4 is my weakness..

  • Hobbies :

    Watching movies,working on PC,surfing net,Smschatting,exploring new softwares, rooming around with friends,listening music,making new but trustable friends,swimming

  • My Favourite Clothes:

    Baggy pants,teashirts, I love wearing cap and bandana

  • My Favourite Place :

    Every place that gives me peace of mind..LIke MOuntain Areas

  • My Favourite Cars :


  • My Favourite Colours :

    White ,Black and Silver..

  • My Favourite Drinks :

    At the moment water is enough But by the way I like food drinks(Peena coloda)..

  • My Favourite Food :

    Spicy Filly Burger+French Fries+Softdrink....

  • People I Dislike :

    I dislike all those people who are proud..

  • People I like :

    I like funny and romantic people and those who are not proud...

  • Movies I like :

    I like to watch action,horror,thriller,love story,comedy and Suspence themed movies.

  • My Favourite Film Stars :

    My favourite film stars are;
    From India (Bollywood) :
    (1)Sharukh Khan (2)Sushmittasen...
    From Hollwood :
    (1)Mel Gibson (2)Silvester (3)Leanardo di caprio (4)Julia Roberts (5)Pamela Anderson (6)Katherine (7)Kate Winslet (8)Sharon Stone (9)Robert di niro (10)Al-Pachino....

  • Music I Like :

    I like to listen to Poetry,Party,Techno,rap,disco,instrumental,rock,bhangra and Slow love themed music.

  • My Favourite Singers :

    My favourite singers are:
    PAkistani :
    (1)Junaid Jamshed (2)Nazia & Zohaib Hassan (3)Haroon(Awaz Group) (4)Najam Sheraz (5)Ibrar-ul-HAq (6)Nusrat Fateh Ali khan and Junoon...
    Indian :
    (7)Kumar Sanu (8)Alka Yaganik (9)Sonu Nigham (10)Kishore Kumar (11)Bally Sagoo and remixed songs...
    American :
    (12)Ace Of Base (13)Boney M (14)Venga Boys (15)Lou Bega (16)Aqua (17)Scat Man (18)Dr.Alban (19)Kaoma (20)Shanks & Bigfoot (21)Dj Jeans (22)Shaft Swan (23)Ricky Martin (24)Darude (25)Sash (25)The Prodigy (26)Chemical Brothers (27)Bambloo (28)Shaggy (29)N sync (30)Backstreet boys and all remixed songs.....

  • My E-mail Address :
  • fafo18@Hotmail.com

  • MY ICQ# :


  •  I Belive In :
  • I belive in God only (Almighty Allah who is Great & Merciful)

  •   Educational Qualifications :
  • ICS(Punjab College of Information Technology)
    Java -Little bit
    DHTMl-Little Bit
    Webdevelopment-Little Bit

  • My Mobile Number :


    Send your comments and suggestions at fafo18@hotmail.com
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